Venice Biennale 2014: Jimenez Lai to Construct Taiwanese “Township of Domestic Parts”


Taiwan-born architect Jimenez Lai’s proposal Township of Domestic Parts: Made in Taiwanhas been selected to represent Taiwan in the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. Scattered throughout the Palazzo delle Prigioni, the installation will be comprised of nine small house, each with a single program, that will make up an “interior township of misfit parts.”

Read on for the complete curatorial statement…

ake a Stroll in the Township of Domestic Parts 

As an engagement to the theme set up by chief curator Rem Koolhaas, Lai’s proposal departs from the perspective of domesticity. With the understanding that “fundamental” carries the theoretical implications of “being basic” and “of the origin,” Lai has built his proposal using the “domestic diagram” as a fundamental base for architecture and to be used schematically for the analysis and organization of commonplace architectural functions.

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